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March 29th, 2013

Here is a grading scale put together by Scott and Tish Wasson. We have looked over the numbers, and have agreed to adopted these as the scale for GPC Australia.

These are done for raw and equipped, male and female, and are based on current standards from other federations and the WR's in GPC.

Elite status will be quite an achievement, and GPC will make sure you get a certificate congratulating you on being a strong son of a gun as soon as you can total elite.

These will not be backdated, you must total elite from today :)

Kind regards,
Team GPC Australia :)

Latest news from GPC Australia

Latest news from GPC Australia

Feb 15, 2013

With our first comp for the year almost here; March 10 at Ptc Sydney, its time for everybody to think about getting organised. 

At our nationals (June 14-16) will be holding our AGM. 
2 points in which I would like you to think about - 

* All proposals for the 2014 Australian Championships MUST be to the committee by the 27th of May so a decision can be made at the AGM. 

* Any points in which you would like to discuss about our federation MUST be emailed to a board member or state rep by the 3rd of June so they can be added to the minutes. 
Only matters in the minutes will be discussed at the AGM, unless its an issue that has surfaced during the Nationals.
If you want something brought up, please get it to us in writing.

Hope your training is going well, most of you have less than 6 weeks before you hop on the platform for the first time in 2013!

Stay Strong,
Team GPC Australia.

August 13, 2012

The GPC world champs are on in just over a month.
The competition is being held in Slovakia, the country next door to Arnolds native land, Austria.

Australia is sending 17 lifters over to compete, which as far as I know, is the biggest team of lifters Australia has sent to compete at an international comp.

This is who will be representing Australia:


75kg class

Emad Nayeff

82.5kg class

Dan Rucci
COnnor Zyskowski

90kg class

Scott Wasson
Max Markopoulos

110kg class

Ricky Goodyear
Spiros Markopoulos

140kg+ class

Zach Turner
Jack pollard


56kg class
Letita Kerr
Vicki Jewson
Sussy Kollen

60kg class

Cami Sadri
Nina Markopoulos

75kg class

Amanda Woodward

90kg+ class

Rebecca Zepackic

Men - Bench only - Equipped

125kg class
Will Hunt

As of 12/8/12 there are 348 lifters competing from 21 nations.
This comp will be massive.

We have secured a sponsorship from Adidas, they are supplying our team uniforms which is great news.

Everyones training is going really well at the moment, so we are expecting a great result from our lifters.

July 12, 2012

GPC Australia Would like to welcome our newest state/territory representative to team. 

Paul Campbell from Elite Physique in Canberra will be working hard with his team to bring you the top level meets you have already come to expect from our federation.

Welcome aboard ACT!

GPC Australia, the lifters fed.

June 25 2012

What a fantastic weekend of lifting.

2 teens totalling more than 700kg... and a 63yo master deadlifting 200kg after receiving open heart surgery last year.

21 women took to the platform, the largest amount of female competitors, including Katie Foster with her 400lb deadlift at a touch over 71kg. This competition had the largest amount of female competitors we could find in Australian history, all feds included.

15 lifters in the bench only, notably Zach Turner benching 240kg for the biggest single ply bench press ever put up by an aussie teen..... period.

We could go on for hours about how awesome feats of strength were at our first nationals, but you can see all the results for yourselves.

One quick point though, has anybody met a faster team of loaders/table crew than Damo, Jesse, Kris, Max, Zach, Spiros, Jackson, Martin, Sean, Loz and Graham?

These guys were so fast, the competitors had to start wrapping their knees 3 lifters before they were due on the platform or risk being timed out!
That team is the reason we got through 61 lifters in under 10 hours.


It was a huge weekend of lifting, and GPC would like to thank everybody that attended the event, especially Lee Marshall (GPC Technical officer) who flew out from England for this spectacular event. 

Of course without sponsors like Underground Elite, Bulk Nutrients, XXXX, the PTC strength and conditioning gyms, AMFX and the Caloundra RSL, this event wouldn't have been possible. So on behalf of everybody that lifted, thank you very much.

Full result score cards can be found here:

We have received non-stop praise for the way this event was run. The times, the equipment, the organisation and professionalism.

The bar has been set very high after this one, and at GPC, we will ensure that bar keeps heading upwards.

"This meet would have to be the best, or at the very worst top 3 in the last 25 years of powerlifting in Australia" - Adam Coe

"Everything about the competition was above a world championships standard, smoothest run comp I've been to and what a start for GPC Australia..." - Gregg Gordon

"The GPC Australian nationals was without a doubt one of the best competitions I have ever been to. Great venue, all the equipment a powerlifter would want, 6 giant information screens and fantastic bunch of people, Thank you Australia" - Lee Marshall (GPC Tech. Officer)

"This is probably the best comp I have been to within Australia. The only comp that may have been better, was the world champs in Finland in the 80's" - Ron Birch.

"It was one of the best efforts on the platform I've seen anywhere.. 

.. It was world class" - Dave Park. 

June 12 2012

Here is the list of all persons that are attending our presentation dinner. If your name is not on this list, and you are certain that you have paid, please contact Scott Wasson (0400319394 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) immediately. 
All guests (+1's) MUST enter with their lifter, or entry wont be permitted. This is to ensure that only paid guests attend the dinner, and that those that have paid, have a warm tasty meal to sit down to.

Firas el Achkar
Ricky Goodyear +11
Asher Heathcote +1
Will Grainger +1
Alex Zerba +1

Steve Psaltis +1
Adam Roe +1
Simon Wile
Simon Wang
Glen Stewart

Brendan Hains
Kurt Patrick +3
Matthew Dixon +1
Scott Wasson
Josiah Malouf +1

Daniel America
Ross Katsambis
Dan Rucci +1
Ray Carlsile
Alen Pezerovic

Ben Cove
Daniel Menz
Ben Bouchereau +1
Dimitrios papaconstantinou
Trent Nguyen

Robbie Tissera
Emad Nayef
Rhys Vermish
Lawrence Johnson
John Sheridan +1

Jack Pollard
Max Markopoulos
Kelly Munro +2
Jamie Christensen
Oliver Lacey

Katie Foster
Heather Davidson
Coralie Weir +1
Yolandie Weir
Camila Sadri

Nechama Douek +1
Sophia Sadri
Tish Kerr
Karen Medcalf
Emma Bortolotto +1

Deborah Chen
Heidi Stewart +1
Jessica Gray +1
Emma Eaton
Vicki Jewson

Sussy Kollen
Nina Markopoulos
Shirley Hetherton
Kevin Rogers
Dan Dakis

Barry Murray
Zach Turner +6
Ron Birch
John Distefano +1
Jeremy Buchanek

James Viseiglio
Martin Nguyen
Connor Zyskowski
Jackson Murrie
Liam Pannell +1

Dijon Gordon +1
Frank Manning
Markos Markopoulos
Lee marshall
Nick Rankin +1

Adam Coe 
Spiros Markopoulos
Damian Rohrlach
Allan Morton
Sean Gallagher

Kris Baldry
Jesse Markopoulos 

77 lifters
41 guests

7 June 2012

Competitor list for the 2012 Australian Nationals:

Name - Age - Nominated weight class

Women - RAW:

Camila Sadri                  - 18yo  - 60kg
Nechama Douek             - 16yo  - 56kg
Sophie Sadri                   - 17yo - 75kg

Tish Kerr                        - 22yo - 60kg

Karen Medcalf                 - 32yo - 56kg
Emma Bortolotto             - 27yo - 82.5kg
Katie Foster                    - 24yo - 67.5kg
Heather Davidson           - 29yo - 90kg+
Deborah Chen                 - 25yo - 52kg
Michelle Marshall             - 32yo - 67.5kg
Heidi Stewart                  - 29yo - 60kg
Jessica Gray                   - 26yo - 67.5kg

Rebecca Zepackic           - 35yo - 90kg+
Emma Eaton                   - 36yo - 48kg

Vicki Jewson                   - 40yo - 56kg
Sussy Kollen                   - 41yo - 60kg
Nina Markopoulos            - 47yo - 60kg
Shirley Hetherton            - 62yo - 90kg
Coralie Weir                   - 50yo - 52kg


Yolandie Weir                  - 26yo - 56kg


Jeremy Buchanek            - 19yo - 110kg
James Viseiglio                - 15yo - 100kg
Martin Nguyen                 - 19yo - 82.5kg
Connor Zyskowski           - 17yo - 82.5kg
Jackson Murrie                - 18yo - 110kg
Liam Pannell                   - 14yo - 90kg
Zachary Turner               - 18yo - 140kg
Dijon Gordon                  - 17yo - 100kg

Rhys Vermish                - 21yo - 90kg
Lawrence Johnson          - 22yo - 140kg+
Thomas Lilley                - 23yo - 90kg
John Sheridan                - 23yo - 125kg
Nathaniel Hodges           - 22yo - 82.5kg
Jack Pollard                   - 21yo - 140kg+
Max Markopoulos           - 20yo - 90kg
Kelly Munro                   - 20yo - 90kg
Daniel Sienkeil              - 20yo - 125kg
Jamie Christensen          - 23yo - 67.5kg
Kurt Kambouris             - 20yo - 140kg+
Oliver Lacey                  - 22yo - 100kg
Matthew Stenzel            - 22yo - 100kg 

Scott Wasson                   - 24yo - 90kg
Steve Psaltis                    - 27yo - 125kg
Ben Bouchereau               - 26yo - 82.5kg
Will Grainger                     - 26yo - 110kg
Allen Pezerovic                  - 26yo - 90kg
Ross Katsamlis                  - 26yo - 100kg
Dimitrios Papaconstantinou - 29yo - 75kg 
Alex Zerba                        - 25yo - 100kg
Asher Heathcote               - 28yo - 110kg
John Nichole                     - 26yo - 90kg
Daniel America                 - 28yo - 100kg
Daniel Menz                     - 25yo - 82.5kg
Josiah Malouf                   - 25yo - 100kg
Kurt Patrick                     - 25yo - 100kg
Justin Payne                     - 26yo - 140kg+
Alexander O'Reilly            - 24yo - 67.5kg
Adam Roe                       - 31yo - 125kg
Ben Cove                        - 30yo - 90kg
David Parmiter                 - 29yo - 82.5kg
Simon Wile                      - 26yo - 140kg
Nathen Wallace  

Dan Rucci                      - 34yo - 82.5kg
Tolga Tuncoglu               - 35yo - 100kg
Trent Nguyen                 - 34yo - 75kg
Michael Seeney              - 38yo - 75kg
Ricky Goodyear             - 37yo - 110kg
Emad Nayeff                  - 35yo - 75kg

Wayne Kollen                   - 43yo - 100kg
James Thompson              - 63yo - 110kg
Ron Birch                         - 67yo - 100kg
John Distefano                  - 50yo - 125kg 

Firas El Achkar                 - 20yo - 110kg
Matthew Dixon                 - 22yo - 100kg
Robbie Tissera                 - 23yo - 75kg

Men Equipped 

Simon Wang                   - 30yo - 100kg

Ray Carlisle                   - 26yo - 90kg

Sub Masters:
Tim O'Shea                    - 34yo - 140kg

Brendan Hains               - 43yo - 100kg

Glen Stewart                 - 44yo - 100kg


Women - RAW
Heather Davidson        - 29yo - 90kg+
Katie Foster                - 24yo - 67.5kg
Narissa Gray               - 20yo - 67.5kg 
Yolandie Weir             - 26yo - 56kg 

Coralie Weir               - 50yo - 52kg 

Men - RAW
Kevin Rogers             - 48yo - 56kg
Nate Allen                  - 34yo - 67.5kg
Dan Rucci                  - 34yo - 82.5kg
Tom Haviland            - 25yo - 140kg
Dan Dakis                 - 21yo - 125kg 

Thomas Bermingham - 25yo - 67.5kg
Barry Murry              - 54yo - 100kg
Scott Wasson            - 24yo - 90kg
Zachary Turner         - 18yo - 140kg+ 

Brendan Hains       - 43yo - 100kg

3 June 2012

GPC Australia has only been around for just over 4 months. In this time, we have held competitions in VIC, QLD, NSW and NT. The support we have received from lifters in such a short time has been incredible.

Moving on from what we have done, to what we are doing now.

We are holding our first National Championships in Caloundra on the 23rd and 24th of June.

The entry forms for nationals have closed, and we have just finished sorting through them all.
All we can say is WOW!

Going by all records we can find, we have found out a few interesting facts...
-This show is the BIGGEST powerlifting competition to ever be held in QLD.
-This show has the largest number of female lifters of any powerlfting competition, by any federation in Australia.

Not to bad for our first show is it?

Add that to the fact that we have Australia's strongest EVER powerlifter as MC, Mr. Adam Coe and will be flying out Mr. Lee Marshall, who is the GPC head technical officer (who at 53yo just won the master GPC Euro's with 380/200/320 at 119kg) so we can set/break world records.

There will be 3 mono-lifts at the competition, multiple Texas deadlift bars, plenty of calibrated Ivanko powerlifting plates... All the best equipment to ensure you have the best chance of hitting some serious PR's. 

With over 80 competitors doing 3-lift competition, and 10 bench only lifters, this is going to be one hell of a weekend.

Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd on glossbrenner with age correction for Teens, Juniors, Seniors, Masters, Opens for male and female lifters, raw and equipped. 
Its the least we can do for everybody's support so far.
Here is a sneak peak at what you will be lifting for:

Latest news from GPC Australia

As you guys, the lifters, have shown so much support in what we are trying to achieve, we have had to make some minor changes to the time schedule, nothing major, but please take note:


Saturday June 23rd;
11am-2pm Teens and Masters powerlifting
2pm-6pm Women's powerlifting (all divisions)

Sunday June 24th;
9:30am-11am National bench press comp - Male and Female, raw and equipped
11am-2pm Juniors powerlifting
2pm- 6pm Opens powerlifting (Seniors, Sub-Masters and any lifter that nominated opens.)
7pm Presentation dinner
AGM to follow dinner, all members welcome. 


There are 2 options for lifters in regards to weigh-in. You can weigh in 24 hours prior to the event, or on the day. 
I will list the schedule for both options. 
The weigh-in will be conducted at the venue. Go to the reception to ask where the weigh-in room is.

24 hour weigh-in option;

Friday June 22nd;
11am-1pm Teen and Master powerlifters
2pm-4pm Women powerlfiters

Saturday June 23rd;
 Bench only lifters

11am-1pm Junior powerlifters
2pm-4pm Open powerlifters (Senior, Sub-Master and any lifter that nominated opens)

On the day option;

Saturday June 23rd;
9am-10:30am Teens and Masters powerlifting
12noon-1:30pm Women's powerlifting (all divisions)

Sunday June 24th;
7:30am-9am National bench press comp - Male and Female, raw and equipped

9am-10:30am Juniors powerlifting
12noon-1:30pm Opens powerlifting (Seniors, Sub-Masters and any lifter that nominated opens)


We'd really like to thank our sponsors, Bulk Nutrients, Underground Elite, XXXX Beer, Caloundra RSL, AMFX and Emad Nayef for the trophies, and the PTC strength gyms for working together and putting this show on.

See you all on the platform! 

28 April 2012

GPC Australia's website is now ONLINE!

Watch this space for upcoming news about competitions, results, and the latest news about your federation! 

GPC Australia 2014 AGM Minutes

Minutes from the AGM held at 2014 Nationals

Download this file (GPC Australia AGM 2014 Minutes.pdf)GPC Australia AGM 2014 Minutes.pdf[ ]250 kB

Upcoming Events

Sun Mar 25 @10:00 - 05:00PM
Battle of the North
Valhalla Strength Townsville, 1/3 Virgil Street Hyde Park
Sat Apr 07 @10:00 - 05:00PM
GPC VIC States Titles
15/700 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs VIC
Sat Apr 07 @10:00 - 05:00PM
GPC QLD State Titles
Valhalla Strength, 90 Northlink Place, Virginia QLD 4014
Sun Apr 08 @09:30 - 05:00PM
GPC NSW State Titles
Warrior Performance, Unit 1/59 Cawarra Road, Caringbah, NSW 2229
Sun Apr 15 @10:00 - 05:00PM
GPC SA States
Fuzzy Power Gym – 3/2 Barrpowell Road, Welland South Australia 5007
Fri Jun 01 @10:00 - 05:00PM
GPC Nationals 2018
Frankston Arts Centre, 27-37 Davey Street, Frankston VIC 3199
Sun Jul 08 @10:00 - 05:00PM
Battle in VALHALLA
Valhalla Strength, 90 Northlink Place, Virginia QLD 4014
Sun Jul 15 @10:00 - 05:00PM
GPC Winter Classic
147 Gladstone St, Fyshwick ACT 2609
Sat Aug 04 @10:00 - 05:00PM
GPC VIC Winter Cup
PTC Headquarters,15/700 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs VIC