About GPC

We are the official Australian affiliate of the Global Powerlifting Committee, and will provide a wide range of high quality events around Australia. GPC Australia offers both RAW and EQUIPPED powerlifting, as well as bench press and deadlift only events.

One of the main differences between GPC Australia and most other Australian federations is that RAW includes knee coverings (knee sleeves and knee wraps – 2.5m maximum) on squat only. No knees sleeves are permitted on deadlifts. No elbow sleeves can be worn on squat, bench or deadlifts.  Belts and wrist wraps are also allowed.

We believe Australia has some world class powerlifting talent. The problem is, its very expensive to travel overseas and represent your country on the world stage. As it stands, very few of Australias best powerlifters travel to world championships, and with little to no support from the federation in which they are representing, its understandable.

This is where we are different.

We are focused on supporting our athletes as much as possible financially in anyway we can. Any money that gets raised, will be evenly divided between the lifters to assist them on their journey.

It is our goal to send a team of lifters to the GPC worlds every year, and win a championship for Australia.